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Disneyland Paris' Halloween season 2012

On October 2nd I went to Disneyland Paris to see their Halloween season.
You can read my trip report here :)

tuba playing ghost & flute playing ghost
On Armistice Day (11.11) my husband Bert and I and our friend Sam went to Disneyland Paris for a day to check out the Christmas season (which has started November 7).

You can read all about it here and for those that just want to look at photos instead of read a trip report there is this link :)

Santa Goofy

trip report :)

Last week I went to Disneyland Paris for their Halloween season :)

Castle Stage decorated for Halloween

You can read all about it here :)

Disneyland Paris trip reports

Mickey & Minnie car

I went to Disneyland Paris last week for St-Patrick's Day.

All photos and videos from that trip can be found here :)

And the trip reports of both St-Pat's and the next day are also online :)

Happy birthday Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Happy birthday Mickey & Minnie! Our favorite mice were officially born with the release of Steambot Willie on November 18, 1928.

Mickey and Minnie

What I did on Halloween :)

For Halloween I went to Disneyland Paris with my friends sea_cucumber and Sam :)

I took a LOT of photos (and made some videos too) which you can all see here :)

I also wrote a trip report.

First day: HALLOWEEN!
Second day: Walt Disney Studios Park

Halloween StitchIt's Halloween!

Disneyland Paris Halloween

I went to Disneyland Paris last Thursday (October 7th) to see the Halloween season :)

I took a bunch of photos, which you can see here and wrote a trip report which you can read here :)

With Jack Skellington

New Disneyland Community

Just taking time out to pimp a new community. It's called disneyland_potd  and it's a "Photo of the Day" community focused on the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Join for a daily dose of the Happiest Place on Earth. :)

Disneyland Paris trip report

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to Disneyland Paris for my birthday.
I took LOADS of photos and wrote a trip report, which you can read here :)

crazy hat

New Disney Challenge Community

Attention all Disney fans! Coming soon disney_uberland an interactive challenge community, accepting applications now!

Come and apply! We are looking for mods for out teams as well as members.

Our teams are;

Team Stitch - representing all heroic and adorable characters
Team Scar - representing all Disney villains
Team Sharpay - representing all live action (i.e. non-animated) Disney films and TV shows
Team Wall-e - representing all Pixar Disney films
Team Ariel - representing all Disney Princesses and fairytales

Join here at disney_uberland

(Apologies to Mods if this post is not allowed, feel free to delete ^^)